A Saskatoon model will be heading to Milan at the end of the summer to gain international modelling experience.

"The fashion industry is pretty big [in Milan] so it's going to be eye-opening, I think, and it's going to be awesome to experience that,” said Kylan MacKenzie, a 16-year-old high school student and model.

MacKenzie started modelling three years ago and at first it was only a hobby.

Up until now, he has done local fashion shows and photoshoots with local agency SHE Modelling.

This summer, MacKenzie is heading for Italy after signing a three-year contract with the Major Model Management agency in Milan.

This opportunity is both shocking and exciting for the Grade 11 student.

"I didn't really think of travelling internationally for this. I just went into it like okay, maybe I'll learn about the industry a little bit, but for sure never thought I'd be going overseas to experience it down there."

MacKenzie was attending an annual model and talent convention called Faces West in Vancouver when he was recognized by agents from around the world. There, he competed in runway and monologue competitions.

Corridawne MacKenzie, Kylan’s mother, said this will be a great experience for him.

"We were probably just as shocked as he was and happy for him, very excited for him and a little unsure as well too because it's not like it's in another province, it's across the world."

She said she originally signed her son up for modelling classes because she thought it would help him gain more self-confidence.

"Kylan was – when he was younger – he had a little bit of anxiety and just some self-confidence issues. So I had friends that had recommended to put him in, plus he was cute and he had a look about him. And we thought it would be something that would teach him how to carry himself more confidently."

MacKenzie said his favourite part about modelling is walking down the runway and getting to wear different outfits. He added that if he could model any clothing brand it would be a high-end brand like Gucci.

“I know it’s sort of cliché but it would be pretty crazy to be modelling a $5,000 to $10,000 suit.”

Mary Obrodovich, the owner and director of SHE Modelling in Saskatoon, said this will also be a big step for her agency.

She said this is the first time she’s had a male model travel internationally for work.

"I'm so excited for him because he deserves it. He's a really good model. The first time when we were doing classes and he walked down the runway, I just thought he is so dynamite on the runway."

MacKenzie’s true passion goes beyond the runway. He said he also loves to act.

"I hope to get into acting and I realize that modelling can sort of be a segue way into that industry, so hopefully it can bring me there too."

MacKenzie’s mom added that he has a true talent for acting.

“The first time he went for this modelling convention, we didn’t even know he had the talent acting that he did when we watched him in the monologue competition.

“Kylan has expressed that modelling and acting go hand-in-hand, so I think he won’t be terribly upset if he doesn’t make it so far as a model because he wants to guide his way into the acting profession and this is a good way to do it.”

MacKenzie will be heading to Milan at the beginning of September and will be staying there for two months to model.