SASKATOON -- Turning the corner on unemployment and growing small and medium-sized businesses in Saskatoon is what mayoral candidate Rob Norris hopes to achieve if elected on Nov. 9.

At a campaign stop at Enviro-Way in Saskatoon on Thursday, Norris vowed to name himself as the city’s "chief growth officer" and "chief promoter" to create an environment that helps grow the private sector and ultimately more jobs in Saskatoon. 

“Saskatoon has an unemployment rate of almost 10 per cent that’s well above the provincial average, we need to get Saskatoon back to work and it's these steps that will ensure that,” Norris said. 

“Within hours of being elected, if I have the opportunity, I am going to be working the phone provincially, federally and speaking with key private sector leaders in Saskatoon and we’re coming up with a blueprint for Saskatoon.”

Norris said if elected, he would host a Mayor’s job summit, expedite the process for commercial and residential construction permits, and keep the city’s property tax increases to one per cent. 

“It makes sense for working families and it equally makes sense for small and medium-sized businesses to keep more dollars in the pockets of our entrepreneurs and business owners so they can hire a few more people and get Saskatoon back to work,” Norris said. 

When asked about potential province-wide plans for infrastructure funding following the provincial election, Norris said he will work to ensure Saskatoon gets its fair-share of infrastructure dollars to spur up activity and construction in Saskatoon and lower the city’s unemployment rate. 

“We play a strategic role for this province and we need to make sure that our voice is heard loud and clear. Those infrastructure projects are going to be essential when it comes to helping with the post-COVID recovery.”