SASKATOON -- Mayor Charlie Clark’s campaign expenses were higher than any other mayoral candidates during last falls civic election.

Statements on campaign contributions and expenses for mayoral and council candidates have been disclosed publicly in the agenda for next Monday’s City Council meeting.

Clark’s campaign topped the list of mayor candidates, disclosing a total of $200,064.14 in campaign expenses. Rob Norris was second with expenses totalling $192,045.75. Don Atchison had $114,436.00, while Zubair Sheikh’s campaign spent $32,550. Mark Zielkes campaign spent $7,865.33, while Cary Tarasoff spent $4,151,28.

None of the mayoral candidates went over the spending limit of $229,497.92.

City council races proved that spending more doesn’t always mean more votes.

In Ward 3, Nick Sackvilles’ campaign spent $12,705.91, but he lost to David Kirton who spent only $6,802.80. In Ward 7, Jim Rhode reported spending $22,896.43 for his campaign, more than any other council candidate. But he lost to incumbent Mairin Loewen, who’s expenses tallied $19,117.79. While Cynthia Block retained her seat in Ward 6, despite Jonathan Naylor spending slightly more on his campaign.

Christopher Sicotte, a candidate in Ward 3, is listed as not having filed at the time the report was made.