SASKATOON -- Mayor Charlie Clark says he's game to take on a COVID-19 vaccine challenge issued by Regina's mayor.

Sandra Masters tossed down the gauntlet  on Wednesday.

"Bring it on, Saskatoon! In the spirit of community, health, and friendly competition, I, Mayor Sandra Masters, challenge Saskatoon’s mayor Charlie Clark to a vaccination competition," Masters wrote in a Facebook post.

"The city that records the highest number of first vaccinations per capita from June 17 to June 30 will be declared the winner of the #StickItToCOVID First Vaccination Mayors Challenge!"

The losing mayor must lip sync a song on video chosen by the winning city.

Clark officially accepted Masters' challenge to Thursday.

"Saskatoon - I know we can beat Regina to the finish line on first dose vaccinations! I am sure Mayor Masters will do a fine lip-sync when we come out on top," Clark said in a press release.

Clark has asked for people to submit a photo of their first-dose vaccine card through via his social media channels along with with suggested songs for Masters to sing.

Masters made a similar ask, but instead is looking for photos of "I've got my COVID-19 vaccine" stickers in return for a chance to weigh in on potential song choices.

Since Sunday, the province has been one percentage point shy of the first-dose vaccination threshold set out in the provincial government's reopening plan.