SASKATOON -- Saskatoon is in the dead of winter - when city sees its coldest temperatures of the year, according to Environment Canada.

The weather agency issued another extreme cold warning on Monday as temperatures plummeted to -27 C, and the forecast doesn't look much friendlier as the week continues.

Terri Lang with Environment Canada noted that may yet see even colder weather, as last February saw temperatures below -40 C.

The warmest high in the coming week sits at -22 C. Lang said the Arctic air settling into western Canada with snow and sub-zero temperatures stretching as far as Vancouver.

It’s days like this where the phone lines heat up for tow trucking companies like Astro Towing.

"This morning we got hit with thunder. Everyone was getting ready to go to work, lots of cars were sitting over the weekend and lots of calls coming in and by 10 o'clock we were 60 calls in the hole," Kavanagh said, adding this time of year usually sends people to the auto parts shop.

"Older batteries always show up in the cold weather, they find their way."

If anyone spends a prolonged period of time outside, Lang said they need to dress in layers and make sure any exposed skin is covered as frostbite and hypothermia can set in within minutes.

For anyone hitting the highways out of town, Lang recommends packing an emergency kit in case they are stranded.

"That means extra blankets, a shovel to get out, extra food, a candle and something to light the candle because it can provide some extra warmth."

On days where the temperatures plummet to -30 and -40, Kavanagh said Astro Towing can see upwards to 300 to 400 calls in a day and if you're one of those calls waiting for a boost, Kavanagh said be patient.

"We won't leave anybody until we're done, we stay going until everybody's on their way and do the best we can to make sure they're up and going," Kavanagh said.