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Saskatoon impounded thousands of vehicles for outstanding parking tickets last year

A Saskatoon parking pay station is pictured in this file photo. A Saskatoon parking pay station is pictured in this file photo.

Thousands of vehicles were towed away in Saskatoon last year after their owners failed to pay city parking tickets.

According to the annual report of the community services division, the city impounded 2,400 vehicles in 2023 because of outstanding parking tickets.

The report also says parking services staff investigated approximately 7,300 parking-related complaints last year, and reviewed approximately 2,500 parking-related inquiries.

“The parking services section manages parking supply and demand within Saskatoon through several parking programs. Parking programs increase public safety, promote unrestricted traffic flow and support a healthy business community. Ultimately parking management affects the quality of life in Saskatoon,” the report reads.

A number of bylaws allow for the regulation of parking through a number of measures, including restricting parking time, charging for parking, and impounding vehicles with significant outstanding parking tickets until paid.

Approximately 86,000 parking tickets were issued in 2023, according to the report.

“Five million [dollars] in parking-related revenue was generated from parking pay stations, the temporary reserved parking program and from pre-paid parking cards” the report says.

The annual report is included in the agenda for Wednesday’s planning and development committee meeting at City Hall. Top Stories

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