Homeowners in Saskatoon’s Kensington neighbourhood say they were taken advantage of by their developer, Homes By Dream.

Five families living in townhouses on Palliser Way say their homes have creaky floors, mould, faulty heating and thin walls.

“I understand that this is a townhouse, but I should not be able to hear my neighbours’ conversations,” Rishad Bismullah, one of the homeowners says.

“Our lives have just become miserable with these homes.”

Bismullah says he did not get a home inspection when he bought the house in August 2016, because he says was led to believe the home would be high quality, since it was brand new.

Homes By Dream says the townhouses have passed all building code inspections.

"We had the City of Saskatoon inspectors go over and check it out. We had the Saskatchewan new home warranty program go over and check it out and all found no deficiencies there,” Chase Pokol, general manager of Homes By Dream, said.

Pokol says he has offered to add more drywall in two of the five homes to help with the sound transmission issue, but the homeowners have declined the offer. Bismullah says more drywall will not solve the issue, but instead, leave more unfinished construction.

“We don’t want anything extraordinary. We just want Homes By Dream to be responsible for what they did here. We just want a normal house,” Bismullah says.