The cold prairie weather hasn’t been bad news for everyone. At Asto Towing, they were busy all day Thursday.

“We’re usually backed up all day long and by supper time or a couple hours after we’re caught up on days like today,” said Lynn Schimshaw, a driver with Astro.

Schimshaw said he’ll tow up to 25 vehicles a day when the weather gets this bad.

According to Environment Canada, today’s the coldest day on record this year.

While it’s good business for some, for the Saskatoon SPCA, said it’s dangerous for our furry friends to be left outside. While some breeds can handle the cold, many can’t be left out for long periods of time.

“If an animal is showing extreme signs of hypothermia, if they are uncoordinated, falling down, they’re showing signs of frostbite,” said Stacey Greke, an animal protection officer, adding, “If we see that we step in. That animal could die, so we step in and seize the animal.”

If pets are left outside, adequate shelter is a must for keeping them safe.