SASKATOON -- With warmer weather around the corner, a Saskatoon active transportation advocacy group wants to see more space available in the city to help people stay healthy while still practicing physical distancing. 

"We owe it to ourselves, our families, and our community, to keep ourselves healthy. Research shows that people who have access to fresh air, exercise, and nature are less susceptible to a range of diseases and conditions," Saskatoon Cycles said in a letter sent to City Council and shared on social media.

The group suggests the city take advantage of reduced traffic levels during the pandemic to designate sections of roadway for pedestrians and cyclists. 

"Pedestrians and cyclists, who are already allocated a thin sliver of roadways, are under orders to keep distant from one another," the letter says.

The designated areas would still be open to local traffic, with speed restricted to 20 km/hr.

The group points to a stretch of Spadina Crescent, from Whiteswan Drive to the Gordie Howe Bridge that could help ease traffic on the trails running along the river if the proposed policy was applied.