SASKATOON -- A Saskatoon girl's imagined plush toy will be among those Ikea will manufacture and sell later this year.

As part of an annual tradition, the Swedish retail giant invited kids from around the world to submit drawings for its Soft Toy Drawing Competition.

Audrey, a nine-year-old from Saskatoon, is among five children whose drawings will be brought to life, according to a news release from Ikea.

Audrey's "Sandwich Friends" design was selected by a jury from more than 66,000 entries, Ikea said.

Ikea image - Sandwich Friends"My soft toy represents best friends who live in Canada. Peanut butter is soft, and jelly is sweet which together make a wonderful treat,” said Audrey in the release.

"With Sandwich Friends I want others to be kind, careful and to always stay and take care of each other."

The toys will be part of Ikea's limited-edition SAGOSKATT collection and will be sold online and in stores this fall, Ikea said.