A Saskatoon girl faces weeks of recovery after crashing her toboggan on the hill at Diefenbaker Park on Saturday.

Aaliyah Anderson, 9, crashed her toboggan into a fence that runs alongside the hill, according to her family. The crash broke both of her legs.

A warning sign about the fence is up at the park, but Anderson’s mother, Amanda, said the city should do more to improve safety.

“Put simple padding on the poles, even the fence. Fix the fence. It’s so loose that she went right under it,” she said.

The city’s director of parks, Darren Crilly, said in a statement the city will review the site.

He said he hopes to arrange a meeting with the family and added the chain-link fence Anderson ran into is there to protect tobogganers from other obstacles.

The girl’s recovery is expected to take four to eight weeks, her mother said.