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Saskatoon fire crews battle multiple fires overnight

It was a busy night for Saskatoon’s fire department. They were called out to three significant fires Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

A house fire on Kenderdine Road just off Attridge Drive started in the front attached garage.

 “We had a fairly aggressive fire attack on that. It encompassed two vehicles that were outside, and neighbours had fire damage too” Brian Conway, fire marshal, with the Saskatoon Fire Department told CTV News.

The fire investigator determined it was accidentally caused a cigarette that wasn’t disposed of properly.

According to Conway, a lit cigarette can hit temperatures upwards of 500 degrees – posing a serious fire risk and should be treated as such.

“Put it in a can or receptacle that is non-combustible. Make sure that it is in good condition with no holes and empty your cigarettes, because they can become combustible material that starts on fire when dry,” he says.

Using sand or water is advised to minimize the risk of combustion.

Residents were at home when the fire started.

“A passerby and came by and knocked on the door, and alerted them to the fire,” Conway said.

The damage estimate is just under $800,000.

Earlier in the night, crews were called to a garage fire in the back alley on 15th Street just after 3:00 AM.

“What occurred there was a suspicious fire and that’s all I can say about right now because we’ve turned it over to city police and they will handle the investigation.”

The other fire that crews were called to was in the RM of Corman Park west of Saskatoon. The front porch on a house caught fire. Residents were home and got out safely. No one was injured. That fire is also under investigation by the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, which investigates blazes in rural areas. Top Stories

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