Relatives of a 62-year-old man with Down syndrome say they’re fighting for him to be given the best possible care.

Jerry Kryzanowski had lived with his parents in Wadena up until April of 2016 when he moved into a group home. The family says that didn't work out due to resources and he has been living in three different places ever since. They are upset that he's about to be sent to a long-term care home and not to a more intimate group home.

“A lot of families... would have given up,” Jerry's niece, Christie Gradin, told CTV News. "We continue to try really hard to get Jerry in the right place for him, because Jerry doesn't have a voice.”

The province has given the family two options. They can take Kryzanowski back and look after him, or he can receive long-term care at a facility in Wadena.

"We've been in contact with this family and we continue to work with them," said Bob Martinook, executive director of community living services with the province. "We explore and have explored all kinds of options for any individual looking for placement and we will continue to do that.”

Kryzanowski is currently living in a dementia assessment unit in Saskatoon and, if his situation doesn't change, he will be taken by ambulance to a long-term care facility in Wadena.

His aunt thinks there are better options for her uncle.

"We’re wondering how many people out there, like Jerry, how many families have gone through this, and have given up just because of the emotional stress of it," said Gradin.

The family say they are still hopeful their uncle can be placed in a group home in Wadena, where they are originally from, or in Saskatoon.