SASKATOON -- The City of Saskatoon is looking at options to reduce the speed limit on residential streets to 40 km/h from 50.

Beginning on Tuesday, the city is rolling out an online survey to gauge perceptions on speed limits in residential neighbourhoods and ask if residents would support reducing speed limits in their areas.

Through the city’s website residents are able to look at their neighbourhoods to see what streets would be affected. They can also see how much longer travel times are with the reduced speed limits.

The city is also considering implementing speed limit zones around playgrounds and in areas with a high concentration of seniors.

The city says 650 residential speed studies have been conducted and in half those studies speeding was confirmed. The city notes how other cities have already implemented 40 km/h limits including Calgary, Edmonton, Warman and Martensville.

Recommendations around speed limit changes could come before City Council by August with new speed limits implemented in 2022.