SASKATOON -- Ronan Cossette says that while the weather may be frigid, his clients’ dogs still need walking.

“They still need to burn off that energy,” Cossette said.

“A good option still is to take them to the dog park and they can kind of run free.”

Cossette will make $15 from walking his client's dog Rory – though the walk might not last the full half-an-hour time slot.

Environment Canada forecasts a daytime high of -30 C for Saskatoon on Thursday with a wind chill near -48, warning that frostbite can happen within minutes..

“I still enjoy dog walking, as long as I bundle up warm it works out for me,” Cossette said.

He organizes his walks through a website for people to buy and sell pet care services.

He has the option to raise his prices in cold weather, but prefers to keep fees lower to get more clients.

Meanwhile, Fire Creek Gas and Grill has two gas jockeys working their pumps so customers can avoid the cold.

The services has people flocking to the station.

“The cold weather, like last week we we’re actually really busy. Which is crazy but we do have great services,” said manger Deb Wiebe.

The cold snap is expected to ease soon, with Monday forecast to see a high of – 15 C.