SASKATOON -- Staff at We All Need A Rescue (WANAR) have not put their daily duties on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic as there are many dogs that still need help.

Joe is one of them. He recently came into WANAR’s care after he lost much of his leg in a trap and spent a week chained to a deck as the infection got worse.

"The injury happened on a weekend and he was literally just chained up to their deck for a whole week, just left to suffer and either heal or die, whichever came first," WANAR owner Brent Arstall told CTV News. 

Arstall said that the infection was so severe that Joe might not have made it another 24 hours. 

They were able to get him to safety but upon further examination before the amputation, they found more injuries.

"Pellets started to appear in the x-rays. We could physically feel several of them," Arstall said, pointing out that Joe had been shot numerous times by a BB gun over the course of months.

Despite all the abuse that Joe has experienced, he is still a happy, love-filled dog, showing trust towards the humans who are looking after him.

Arstall said that initially during the pandemic things were rough as their other business, the K9 country lodge couldn’t open up to help support the rescue and their usual fundraisers needed to be cancelled. 

Arstall said that things have gotten better recently and they are receiving around 30 per cent of what they usually bring in, but it’s still barely enough as they continue to bring in new dogs like Joe with expensive medical bills.

Those wanting to help WANAR can make donations here.