The aftermath of a deadly school shooting in the U.S. has schools closer to home working to reassure parents.

Saskatoon Public Schools is telling parents and children that safety is a top priority as students in the city returned to class for the first time since Friday’s shooting that killed 27 people at a U.S. elementary school.

In a letter sent to parents Monday the division says it has adapted guidelines from the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Response on how parents can communicate with their children about the tragedy.

It suggests parents make sure to listen to concerns expressed by children and acknowledge the child’s feelings in a calm and reassuring manner.

The division recommends age-appropriate language be used when children ask questions about the incident and suggests limiting media exposure for younger children.

If parents are concerned about their child’s reaction to the tragedy the division suggests contacting a family doctor or school administration to discuss counselling.

The division says it has created positive relationships with police, fire and other agencies throughout the community.