SASKATOON -- A Saskatoon couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend in a unique manner.

Victor and June Rodych initially had a large anniversary party planned with over one hundred guests expected to attend. However, plans changed when the Covid-19 pandemic began.

The couple says they assumed their dream of spending their anniversary with friends and extended family would never happen, until their neighbours and children surprised them with a celebratory parade outside of their home.

“Our kids said come outside, so we came outside and this is what it was, we saw everyone, and we were just having dessert inside and we could hear the noise outside,” said Victor Rodych.

More than 50 vehicles were parked outside of the Rodych’s home, each decorated with balloons while driving down the street, a scene June Rodych says she never expected.

“We received our first-anniversary greeting card not long ago and I started to cry, because I knew we were going to have a party but we had to cancel it,” Rodych said. “However, the words in that card made us remember how important family and friends are.”

The Rodych’s neighbour and close friend Diane Leontowiz helped to send out the invitations through email, adding that it was hard to keep the secret from her close friends.

“They are the best people on the planet, we walk every morning,” she explained. “We’ve known them for over 50 years, they’re just good people.”

Although the celebration was much different than their wedding 50 years ago, the Rodych’s say they wouldn’t change a thing about the surprise celebration.