SASKATOON -- The owners of a dog with paralyzed hind legs are hoping to recover their pet’s wheelchair. 

Thieves stole the chair from their front porch in the Varsity View neighbourhood and the search is on to find it so Bo can continue to get outside and for regular walks.

The 10-year-old Boxer gradually lost the use of her hind legs two years ago so she relies on a specialized wheelchair to get around. 

It’s worth about $600 dollars and was left outside January 16 after a snowy walk on Bo’s tenth birthday, according to David Sherin; that was the last time the device was seen.

"It was quite a shock. It does make you wonder how someone would justify doing something like that," David Sherin told CTV News.

He does think that whoever took it thought it was a piece of sports equipment like a golf cart or something similar.

David and Danielle Sherin

“I was surprised we didn’t hear anyone come up to our front door, but when we noticed it was gone, we drove around our neighbourhood for about half an hour to see if someone left it on the sidewalk or something, but no luck,” Danielle Sherin said.

Danielle said police told him there’s little they can do to help find it. Messages have been posted on social media and there have even been offers to help raise money for a new chair.

It’s this outpouring of support that Danielle said has been appreciated. They’ve even received cards of support from neighbourhood children.

The Sherins hope that whoever took the chair, realize it is of little use to them and will return it, no questions asked. 

dog cards

It is crucial for Bo because going for walks with a sling to prop up her hind legs, puts too much pressure on her body, according to the Sherins. 

It is a customized wheelchair and will take some time to replace it because it came from a company in British Columbia. The couple is holding out hope that whoever took the chair off their front step will see it in their heart to return it for Bo’s wellbeing.

“If it was seen in the neighbourhood or if anybody knows of the theft, that they’d help us recover the item just so our dog could get back to her best life sooner than later,” David Sherin said.