SASKATOON -- Ward 1 Coun. Darren Hill has lost City Council's nomination to continue to represent the city on the borad of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).

Council made the decision at a special council meeting on Monday. Without council's nomination, Hill won't be able to continue to serve his next term on the board of the FCM, an organization that works as a national voice for cities in Canada.

During the meeting, Mayor Charlie Clark referenced a letter he said was written to council from the FCM president outlining concerns about Hill's role on the board.

The detailed contents of the letter were not revealed, but Ward 7 Coun. Mairin Loewen said the letter referenced concerns about patterns of Hill's behaviour.

During the meeting, Hill alleged Clark asked the FCM president for a letter about him. But Clark said he only requested correspondence following a discussion about some of the concerns about Hill.

In a statement Tuesday, Clark said: “City Council is concerned about Councillor Hill’s health and well being, and also wants to ensure that in appointing any council member to a board representing our city, that they will be able to fulfill the required duties of the role.”

Clark also said council and administration have supported Hill to fulfill his responsibilities when he experienced challenges.

The move comes as council awaits a decision by a judge on whether Hill can hold his seat after he was late filing paperwork on his election last year.

Hill has said the reason for the late filing relates to his COVID-19 symptoms after being diagnosed Feb. 1 and health issues from a 2016 brain injury.

However, Loewen said the decision is not related to the late filing.

“There have been many statements made by members of the public, including the disabled community, who are shocked at the lack of support I am receiving," Hill said at the meeting.

"Yes I have a diagnosed disability, but I am being treated for it. And I have submitted medical documentation to you that supports my ability to do this very important work.”