SASKATOON -- The Standing Policy Committee on Transportation has given the green light for a pilot program to allow a business to operate party bikes to operate this summer.

Party bikes often have multiple passengers, usually eight or more riders, and are often used as transportation on a predetermined route, sometimes involving stops at bars or other establishments.

A city report says a business approached administration hoping to operate two party bicycles, each being able to accommodate 17 people, to offer transpotation between bars or pubs in the downtown.

The pilot program will see the creation of an interim bylaw amendment which would prohibit party bikes unless the city grants permission.

“The pilot program operating agreement would include conditions to address safety, such as head/tail and signal lights, warning systems such as a horn, passenger safety requirements, operating restrictions on certain streets and during certain times of the day, parking requirements, limits on the number of party bikes which may operate, as well other considerations for the integration of a slowmoving vehicle, such as this, into downtown traffic,” the report says.

The report says it would allow the business to begin operating this summer.

Council still needs to approve the bylaw amendment.