SASKATOON -- Saskatoon’s Colombian community came together Saturday to raise awareness about the unrest gripping their home country.

A recent tax reform bill passed by the Colombian government, along with rising COVID-19 cases, sparked days of protests in that country.

The protests have turned deadly, with at least 26 deaths.

In response, a group of Colombians living in Saskatoon walked from City Hall to the Saskatoon Police Service headquarter Saturday evening holding up signs and a Colombian flag.

They also sang their national anthem and said chants of solidarity in both Spanish and English.

Marleny Pialejo Cobo, who helped plan the event, is originally from Colombia and said her mother is currently there.

“She tells me that she can’t go out into the streets because there’s no stores open to go and buy food because businesses are too scared that people will go and steal.”

Pialejo Cobo said her hope is to let people back home know that they aren’t alone.

“We want Colombian people back home to know that we acknowledge them, even though we’re far away, we still have them in our hearts, in our blood,” she said.

Pialejo Cobo said she also wants people in Canada to be grateful for the freedoms they have here. 

- With files from CTV's Tyler Barrow