SASKATOON -- Bowling alleys in Saskatchewan have been closed since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

They've been given a reopen date of July 6. In Manitoba, alleys opened their doors on June 1 and in B.C. they started back up as early as May.

Leesa Cunningham, manager of Hunter’s Eastview Bowl, is frustrated that the province previously didn’t specify bowling in reopening plans.

“They would talk about tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, hockey, but they would never say bowling. So to know when we were going was horrible. even just to have an answer so we could get our staff ready, we could get our facilities ready, those kinds of things."

Attempts to contact the premier’s office, ministers and MLAs resulted in form letters back, she said.

Cuningham said Eastview Bowling also hosts Alcoholics Anonymous groups and youth events, and seniors use the lanes regularly for exercise.

These groups had to look elsewhere for meetings but will now be able to return under COVID-19 guidelines.