The days of buyers physically visiting properties may be over, according to a Saskatoon-based developer.

Riverbend Developments began using VR, virtual reality, to showcase its newest bungalow unit in the Evergreen neighbourhood.

People can put on a headset, hold a controller and virtually experience their potential new property.

“It's based off of architectural drawings and the specs that you see actually have the exact same countertop that's going to be used, wall colours, wall fixtures, plumbing fixtures – things like that,” Graeme Mann, a Riverbend project coordinator, told CTV News at the Home Styles show at Praireland Park where the technology was on display.

Mann said the real estate industry is headed in the virtual direction.

“People can be in the comfort of their own homes. Sometimes the pressure of sales in general can be a little bit intimidating, so giving people the opportunity to physically walk through or look through a 3D model is good,” he said.

The company is only using VR for its one bungalow unit in Evergreen, but said it may expand to other units in the future.