SASKATOON -- The Saskatoon area continues to lead the province in active cases as the Regina area's decline in active cases continues.

As of Tuesday's provincial update, the Saskatoon area surpassed Regina in active cases.

The Saskatoon area had 507 active cases. The Regina area had 482.

While Thursday's COVID-19 update showed Regina's active cases had slid to 421, Saskatoon's had climbed to 564.

As of Thursday's update, the Saskatoon area had who are 57 people receiving inpatient care due to COVID-19 and 14 intensive care patients.

According to the update, the Saskatoon area has a cumulative total of 1,152 variant COVID-19 cases.

The province does not share how many of the variant cases are considered active.

However, there have been 246 new variant cases confirmed since the province's May 6 update when the total sat at 906.

During a news conference in Regina on Tuesday, both Premier Scott Moe and Chief Medical Health Officer Saqib Shahab described the situation in Saskatoon as "stable."

"I would categorize it as fairly stable in and around 500 cases for a number of weeks now Regina thankfully has dropped down to be below," Moe said.

Shabab said another thing working in the area's favour is an absence of "super spreader events."

"We have quite stringent public health measures routes throughout Saskatchewan, lowered household bubbles and no large gatherings," Shahab said.