The top job of Saskatchewan’s NDP could be filled much sooner than expected in the wake of Premier Brad Wall’s decision to step down.

The party’s ongoing leadership race is set to conclude in May, but with the Saskatchewan Party now set to choose Wall’s replacement in January, the NDP is reconsidering that timing.

“That shift in the political landscape is what really is motivating this revisiting of the date of the leadership convention,” said Dave McGrane, president of the Saskatchewan NDP.

The two candidates in the race so far, Ryan Meili and Trent Wotherspoon, say they are open to whatever the party decides.

“I have a preference that it be well-considered, and not too early,” Meili said. “You know, if we went right away, without the time to properly do the process, sign up new members, have the debates, engage the public in our leadership race, I would be concerned.”

Some have voiced worries about going into a new legislature and budget without a permanent leader, according to Meili. Other say the Saskatchewan Party could call an early election, but Meili believes that concern is overblown.

“I think the concern that they would call a snap election is pretty far-fetched. I don't believe the Saskatchewan people would reward that sort of trickery,” he said.

NDP executives are scheduled to meet Friday night to discuss whether to advance the leadership vote. The party is expected to make a final decision on Saturday.