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Sask. woman putting a new spin on community

A Prince Albert woman has regained her self-confidence through teaching spin classes and shared her love for fitness with her community.

Following a severe weight gain in high school, Spin S2DIO owner Desiree Hesson dealt with years of bullying and self-hatred.

“I lost a sense of athleticism, fitness, and working out,” Hesson said. “I went on my own weight loss journey and found teaching spin.”

Spin is a group workout using special stationary bicycles equipped with weighted flywheels. Your feet are locked onto the pedals, and the weighted wheels builds momentum as you pedal.

It’s a high-intensity workout often lead by instructors whose tone is part drill sergeant, part motivational-speaker.

Hesson says she wanted to create a space where people could gain confidence and learn how to love themselves.

“I created the studio and the community that we have because I was that self-hating person for so many years,” Hesson said.

Sherri Morrison has been a member at the S2DIO since 2019 and is now training to work as a spin instructor.

She says she was blown away by the energy within the studio and the welcoming environment Hesson created.

“I felt really free to be open to be myself and you can grunt and yell and swear and cry all while doing a workout,” Morrison said.

Hesson says the energy built within the Spin S2DIO walls can not be described and is something she encourages people to come and experience for themselves.

“I just hope I can help and show people that you don't have to be stuck in that rut and it is you who can get you out of it,” Hesson said. “No one can help you but yourself.” Top Stories

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