A new researcher at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine plans to focus on the health of pollinators such as honeybees.

"My long-term vision for this research chair position is to enhance agricultural sustainability and ecosystem health by studying managed and wild bee species from a veterinary perspective,” University of Saskatchewan Pollinator Health Research Chair Dr. Sarah Wood said in a news release.

“By applying veterinary research tools to address the ongoing challenges to pollinator health and biodiversity, I think we can make impactful change.”

Animal pollinators — most of which are insects — are involved in two-thirds of global food production, according to the release. Among all pollinators, honey bees have the greatest impact on global crop production.

The research chair builds on the college’s existing honey bee health research group, the college says.

The group’s research focuses on ecotoxicology, pesticide risk assessment and infectious disease.

The research chair position will now allow work to expand in those areas while training a new generation of veterinary professionals, beekeepers, researchers and policymakers, the college says.