SASKATOON -- A teen is the victim of a collision that occurred on Thursday near Neuanlage, Sask. on Highway 11, the Osler Fire Department confirms.

Fire chief Jason Pauls said the teen was helping another driver in the ditch, using his truck to pull the driver out, when he was hit by a passing car.

RCMP have not disclosed the age or condition of the teen. 

“All witness accounts is that he was being a Good Samaritan and helping pull somebody out of the ditch when he was struck,” Pauls told CTV News.

STARS air ambulance was called to the scene shortly after crews from Osler and Hague arrived just before 5 p.m.

“Upon arrival, it was determined that STARS air ambulance was needed. They were approximately 25 minutes out,” Hague fire chief Dane Friesen said. 

“STARS landed on Highway 11 North at approximately 5:10 p.m.”

The male teen was transported to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon for his injuries.

Traffic was blocked on the Highway 11 northbound lane near the scene Thursday night.

An RCMP reconstructionist is investigating the collision. 

Tire marks can be seen in the ditch near incident.