A team of researchers and advocates in Prince Albert are shining a light on the issue of homelessness in the province, calling the issue a “hidden epidemic.”

“I think people will be surprised by (the research),” project lead June Anonson said. “I don’t think they have any idea what a difficult situation this is for Canada.”

According to their research, one in five people in Saskatchewan say they either are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless – the highest rate in Canada.

The team has released information, maps and a series of short videos to share their findings and personal stories of those who have been homeless.

The team is located in Prince Albert because the city and surrounding area is one of the largest areas in the country with the lowest amount of funding for homelessness initiatives, but Anonson said the research can be useful across the province.

“We were excited to see that there are people in Canada who are addressing this and are able to decrease the number of homeless in their city.”

The group is lobbying the government to fund a three-year trial position which would oversee the issue of homelessness and organize the different services in communities.