SASKATOON -- North Battleford RCMP are asking for help finding the owner of an urn that was found behind a business on the Highway 16 bypass in North Battleford.

On May 27 police were contacted by a person who had found the urn a week earlier, police aid in a news release.

The urn, which is being kept at a funeral home, contains ashes.

Officers have not been able to identify the owner, despite speaking to the person that found the urn, reviewing security footage from where it was found, checking police records for reports of lost urns, and contacting the manufacturer.

“Police often get reports of lost items, but this is certainly unique,” Sgt. Neil Tremblay said in the release.

“We would like very much to return this urn to whom it belongs.”

North Battleford RCMP are not releasing a full description or photos to ensure only the right person will claim it.