Students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic are remembering the women killed in the Montreal massacre.

In the school’s hallway, a group representing women in trades and technology handed out white ribbons and set up a table featuring photos of the 14 women killed.

“These women were beautiful, smart – they were just trying to get an education. To have that taken away by one person, who feels that women were not supposed to be in that program, that it’s for men only, it’s really horrifying,” said Brittany Grimsdale, provincial facilitator for Women In Trades and Technology at Sask. Polytechnic.

Twenty-nine years ago, a gunman entered a classroom at L’Ecole Polytechnique. The gunman separated the male and female students, and began shooting the women. He then walked through the school continuing to fire. He shot 28 people and killed 14 women before taking his own life.

Grimsdale said even though the massacre happened when she was too young to remember, she feels connected with the victims and compelled to tell their stories.

The Women In Trades and Technology at Sask. Polytechnic has been collecting donations for a local women’s shelter and urging students to sign a pledge to take action against gender-based violence.