A bomb threat at Saskatchewan Polytechnic may be tied to the recent deliveries of several suspicious packages across Saskatoon, police believe.

The threat at the post-secondary school on Idylwyld Drive came in via email Tuesday, according to police spokesperson Kelsie Fraser.

Officers found nothing to suggest a threat to public safety, but the incident may be related to the recent suspicious packages, she said.

“It’s our belief at this time that it is possibly connected to our ongoing investigation into the suspicious packages containing white powder,” Fraser said.

A 31-year-old woman, Alexa Emerson, who’s also known as Amanda Totchek, is facing 54 charges in connection to eight incidents in March and April in which packages containing white powder were sent to local businesses, a cancer centre and a school in Saskatoon.

She turned herself in to police earlier this month.

She’s also charged with 15 offences related to the delivery of five suspicious packages in late November. She was out on bail for those offences and for charges related to an alleged October offence at the time of the recent deliveries.

In the October incident, according to a court document, she is accused of sending videos, depicting herself being bound, assaulted and threatened, to a number of people. The videos were intended to mislead a police officer into suspecting a man of committing a crime he did not commit, the police allege.

She’s pleaded not guilty to all charges. None of the allegations against her have been proven in court.

The powder in all the deliveries was not dangerous, according to police.