SASKATOON -- During the pandemic, many have turned to virtual meeting rooms like Zoom and Skype to replace face-to-face interactions.

The switch has left some, who are seeing their faces in a new way, feeling insecure.

This new way of communicating online is being attributed, at least in part, to an increase in people seeking out facial plastic surgery and other procedures. It’s even being given a name: the "Zoomboom." 

Dr. Rick Jaggi is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Saskatoon and he has seen business increase by about 25 per cent since the start of the pandemic. 

He says procedures like eyelid lifting surgery and Botox fillers have been popular for patients looking to improve their on-camera image. 

“It’s not often a flattering angle and we’re not used to looking at our faces for six to eight hours a day. So I think people are being a little bit more critical. So I think people are interested in improving their facial appearance,” Jaggi told CTV News.

He says the cost can run anywhere from hundreds of dollars for non-invasive procedures such as injections, to thousands for surgical work. 

“Most people are not used to broadcasting their faces and it can be quite jarring to see close-up images,” University of Saskatchewan psychology professor Jan Gelech told CTV News. 

Gelech said she has also heard anecdotally about the so-called Zoomboom, with one plastic surgeon in Calgary that she spoke with telling her there has been a 300 per cent increase in business during the pandemic, which again indicates a sense of self-consciousness has emerged as a result of increased virtual interactions

Gelech compares it to the selfie phenomenon, which also made people focus on their body image. 

Jaggi is also attributing the increase in business to the fact that people are working from home and have more time to get the work done and to allow time to recover. 

He says patients also tell him they have more funds available now since they are not going on vacation. 

Saskatchewan patients according to Jaggi, are generally looking for a natural look unlike some of the more extreme Hollywood-style plastic surgery many are familiar with.

He does say he discourages some patients from certain procedures.