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Sask. mother says school failed her after son's alleged sexual assault by 'bully'

Warning: This story contains details some readers may find troubling.

A Saskatchewan mother felt she was left with no other choice but to pull her 11-year-old boy out of school following an alleged sexual assault by another student

The mother, who CTV News is not naming, says her son was confronted by another boy in the washroom at Meath Park School in March.

The mother referred to the accused child as the “bully”, and said the child has targeted her son throughout his time at the school.

“I was hopeful this year because he and the bully were starting to get along,” she said.

During class, she said her son asked to use the washroom and the other boy also came along.

Once in the washroom she says the boy and pulled down his pants, and tried taking off her son’s pants.

“My son was able to get away before he was able to do anything more than rub himself up against my son,” she said.

She said her son informed his teacher of the incident and the teacher told him to go to the school's office. Once at the office, the boy was told no one could speak with him because staff were in a meeting, according to the mother.

At that point, she said her son left the school, came home and told her.

“I’m just so proud that he came and told us, and he was brave enough to do that after the kid had threatened him not to tell anybody,” the mother said.

She said she called the school and reported the incident to RCMP.

 In an emailed statement, Nipawin-Smeaton RCMP confirmed to CTV News that officers responded to a report of "indecent act/exposure" at the Meath Park school.

No charges were laid because the subject of the complain was under the age of 12, according to RCMP. Under Canadian law, no one under the age of 12 can be criminally charged.

Meath Park School is part of the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division (SRSD).

In a statement, the division said is unable to comment "on specific interventions for individuals in our schools. We can assure that student safety and well-being continues to be a priority for Sask. Rivers.”

 “We are working to address student and family concerns in partnership with community resources and local police to ensure any needed support are provided. We are confident with the plans in place and will continue to monitor the situation,” the statement said added.

The mother said the school's proposed safety plan following the incident only made her more angry.

The school suggested installing a bell on the classroom door and placing the accused child under constant supervision, the mother said.

 “I didn’t feel that my son would be safe in the classroom with the child who attacked him," she said.

"They suggested that I move my son to a different classroom away from his friends,” the mother said.

She is now homeschooling her son homeschooled and taking him to counselling.

“He understands that isn’t something that he needs to be embarrassed about. This is something that happened to him, but it doesn’t define him,” she said.

In March, parents whose children attend the school, told CTV News their concerns about alleged incidents at the school, including reported assaults, have not been adequately addressed.

In addition to the alleged sexual assault reported by the mother, two physical assaults have been reported to RCMP.

The children suspected to be involved in those incidents were also under the age of 12, according to police. Top Stories

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