A Saskatoon man is heading to Albany, New York to be screened for a clinical trial to relieve symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Andrew Dahlen, 28, was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis six years ago. He's just one of 3500 people in Saskatchewan that suffer from the neurological disease. Now, Dahlen will travel on Monday to find out if he can participate in a two-year study of the Liberation Therapy method of treating symptoms of MS.

"I just hope to lead a better life. Helping out doing the dishes, doing yardwork, cooking at home and stuff," says Dahlen.

The controversial treatment is not available in Canada, leading thousands of Canadians to go out of the country to seek Liberation therapy. Now, the Saskatchewan government has committed $2.2 million to have Saskatchewan patients participate in the Albany clinical trial.  The treatment involves widening the veins in the neck and upper chest of sufferers.

MS prevalence on the prairies is amongst the highest in the world.