SASKATOON -- A 44-year-old Corman Park man is facing charges under Saskatchewan's public health legislation after police were called to a gathering on Sunday afternoon.

Around 3 p.m., officers responded to a complaint that there were too many people at a Riverside Estates home, Corman Park Police said in a news release.

Under the province's current COVID-19 restrictions, gatherings inside private dwellings are limited to a size of 15 people or less.

When officers arrived, the man invited them inside his home, believing his gathering did not contravene public health regulations, police said.

Once the officers entered the home, they counted a total of 21 people inside, police said.

According to police, one of the people inside the home said they were there for a band practice.

A summons was issued to the homeowner which carries a $2800 voluntary payment option, police said.

If the homeowner does not pay the fine, the matter will be heard in provincial court on Dec. 15, according to police.