SASKATOON -- Golfers are getting back into the swing of things as golf courses reopened on Friday.

Golf courses were forced to close under a COVID-19 public health order, resulting in tee times starting later than usual.

Though they’re back in business, golf courses still need to adhere to physical distancing rules and cleaning protocols, according to the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan.

The Willows Golf and Country Club booked tee times on Friday morning.

The course is operating at 50 per cent capacity, allowing about 170 golfers per day.

“It feels pretty good to be out here — finally,” golfer Scott Holmes told CTV News on the Willows green.

Tee times are further spread out to avoid gatherings. Ball washes and bunker rakes are not being used to avoid close contact.

As part of the public health order, The Willows’ restaurant and clubhouse remains closed and there’s only one bathroom on site.

“We’re not allowed to have our course washrooms open, so we have one set of washrooms we’re cleaning and sanitizing after every use,” said Ron Erickson, the general manager of The Willows.

Despite these new physical distancing rules introduced to the game of golf, Erikson said it’s par for the course.

“I think there’s just general happiness to get the heck out of the house and the yard — there’s only so much yard work a guy or gal can do,” he said, laughing.