SASKATOON -- Iggy the iguana isn’t a typical pet.

He’s made of metal. He weighs about 50 pounds and lives at Battleford Furniture, by the front window.

But on Friday, the store’s beloved mascot was gone.

Chris Odishaw, president of Battleford Furniture, said the iguana was stolen on Friday night.

“They threw a brick through the window, reached in and grabbed him,” Odishaw told CTV News.

Odishaw is offering a $1,000 reward for Iggy’s safe return.

“It’s a crazy time that we live in. We all need a laugh, and if its at the expense of Iggy that’s alright. Iggy has wide shoulders so he doesn’t mind,” Odishaw said, laughing.

The furniture store’s president originally bought Iggy for his home about two years ago. But the statue was too wide for his mantle, so Odishaw brought him to the store and the iguana became the Battleford Furniture mascot.

Odishaw said Iggy is a customer favourite and his whereabouts have dominated conversation in the store.

“The last four days, we have not talked about anything besides the iguana — no COVID-19, no Justin Trudeau, no Trump, no politics. It’s been all about the iguana. It’s added a little bit of lightness to our lives,” he said.

Odishaw said Iggy’s manufacturer heard about the theft and offered to send the store a free iguana.

Odishaw said he’s looking forward to meeting Iggy’s “brother or sister.”