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Sask. entrepreneur launches recycling pickup service, Reroute


A new service in Saskatoon aims to eliminate the hassle of getting recycling to the right places.

Reroute offers scheduled pickups for waste, recyclables, and donations. 

The pickup service accepts items such as aerosol cans, old makeup, small appliances, printer ink, batteries, and unwanted clothing.

Launne Kolla and her husband created the company in an effort to divert waste from the landfill.

"I think most people know that your bug spray or your sunscreen shouldn't just go in the garbage, but do you have time to make that one extra trip just to take it to Household Hazardous Waste? Maybe not," Kolla told CTV News.

"It can be overwhelming to try and figure out, 'Where does this one thing go? And when can I fit it into my life to take it there?' So we do all that for you."

Reroute takes customers' waste to the appropriate locations — metal recycling facilities, the city's Material Recovery Centre, shelters, and SARCAN. Customers can keep the refund from SARCAN, or choose to donate it.

Residents or businesses leave their waste on a doorstep and book their pickup time online. Reroute pickup service fees start at $10.

"Nowadays we get our groceries delivered, we do SkipTheDishes, so why not do a little bit more for the earth and people in your community by paying a little bit and having it picked up," Kolla said.

"You can know that when you give your stuff to us, that it's going to the right place."

The city of Saskatoon does not audit landfilled materials but says the average household garbage bin contains two per cent household hazardous waste — which includes lightbulbs, batteries, and paint. Top Stories

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