A Saskatoon couple has started a business to help them achieve something they’ve always wanted – parenthood.

“We decided to try and start growing our family about two or three years ago. I thought it was going to be this simple easy process, and then we didn't get pregnant. We kept trying and pregnancy just didn't happen,” said Tiz Sears, who is undergoing the application process to adopt.

Sears and her husband, Craig, create and sell customizable notebooks to cover the costs of adoption.

“We wanted to work with our hands and give something back for the donations that we received. We also wanted everybody that took part in our adoption process to have something tangible,” said Sears.

Their goal is to raise $65,000 – which would cover application costs, legal fees and flights to visit and pick up their adopted child.

The Sears have been trying to adopt for just over a year, but they’re still at step one.

“We chose a country, and that got shut down. We chose another country and that got shut down … we’ve crossed off St. Vincent, Haiti, South Africa, Nigeria and Vietnam at this time,” Sears told CTV News.

“We thought it was going to be much easier.”

Countries can deny applications for adoption based on marital status, age and location. The Sears must also ensure the Saskatchewan government will accept other countries’ adoption policies and regulations.

An organization that provides information about adoption said the lengthy, expensive process is in place for good measure.

“If we’re going to make decisions for children, that involve the permanency of a family for them, we have to ensure that the decision is the best decision it could be,” said Leah Deans, resource director of Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan.

“The time frames can be very long, but that’s the reason why.”

The Sears hope to adopt as soon as they have the funds, but the application process could still take years.