A same-sex Saskatoon couple’s struggle to find cards and decorations for their wedding has turned into opportunity.

Kate and Kate Hofstra, who introduce themselves as “Kate 1” and “Kate 2,” created Love is Proud after what they say was a difficult search for same-sex-themed cards and decorations for their wedding day.

“It was then, though, that I realized we wanted to do something about it,” Kate 2 said.

The company makes LGBTQ+ greeting and wedding cards. Kate 1, a painter, creates the illustrations while Kate 2 handles the business side of the company.

“It’s especially fun for us,” Kate 1 said. “We come up with the ideas and we get to put them on paper. Some of them are kind of funny.

The Hofstras’ cards have been well received in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and the two say they’ve even received requests as far as the United States.

They plan to open up a website and are working with local stores to get their cards into shops.