SASKATOON -- Royal University Hospital (RUH), Jim Pattison Children's Hospital (JPCH) and the Saskatoon Cancer Centre (SCC) are under a water advisory due to a water line break at RUH Thursday morning.

"No potable water will be available for patients or staff in any of these facilities until further notice," Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) spokesperson Amanda Purcell said in an email.

The SHA is asking all patients and their designated support persons to bring their own disposable water source to the facilities.

"We request that people not bring their reusable water bottles to avoid the possible spread of infection, including COVID-19."

Emergency water supplies are being distributed and bottled water is to patients and staff, Purcell said.

Some surgical services were delayed and some laboratory services may be affected. However, there will be no impact to COVID-19 testing, Purcell said.

The SCC was temporarily closed Thursday morning and patient appointments are being rescheduled, Purcell said.