SASKATOON -- Elk Ridge resident Trudy Engel says she’s breathing a sigh of relief now that Elk Ridge Resort and Golf Course has been bought and plans are underway to reopen.

She says news this May that the property had gone into receivership was difficult to think about as they rely on the resort to maintain the golf course, pool, restaurants and other amenities they enjoyed.

“As home owners here the golf course is big part of the community and it affects our property values,” said Engel.

A bid by Routes2SK was accepted by creditors for the multi-million dollar property. A group of eight investors with ties to Saskatchewan came together to buy the property.

“They’re Saskatchewan people and they have a good vision for Elk Ridge,” Engel said.

Routes2SK has taken possession of the property and has hired back some staff including former Elk Ridge employee Ryan Danberg, who will assume the role of partner-manger of the resort.

Danberg says they plan to reopen condo rentals Dec. 4. Walleye’s Restaurant and outdoor amenities such as the skating rink, cross-country ski trails and a mini-curling rink will open Dec. 10.

Investor Dave Bryson says his father was friends with the founder of the resort, Arne Petersen.

“That’s what we want to make it again, is a family friendly place that people love to come to and love to hang out because that’s why Arne built the place,” said Bryson.

Investor Nevin Anderson says the group plans to expand. This could include installing camp sites, more housing development and condos.

“We know that there is an awesome opportunity to expand. There’s lots of land and housing and lots of business,” said Nevin Anderson, a Routes2SK investor from Melfort.

Due to the pandemic the resort won’t be renting hotel rooms. The resort is renting its condos to the public starting Dec. 4. To adhere to provincial pandemic guidelines they are asking people to enjoy activities only with their immediate family.