Cakes by Jen isn’t just a bakery. The shop, set to open in Spring, will offer supplies, lessons, and even parties.

The new bakery is part of the ongoing revitalization taking over Riversdale and 20th Street. Cakes by Jen is an example of one of many unique, boutique-type businesses that have been attacked to the neighbourhood.

“There's definitely a lot of new businesses. People are really excited about it. They have a real sense of pride in their neighbourhood now," Jennifer Salzsauler, owner of the soon-to-be open bakery.

Salzsauler isn’t the only one who’s taken interest in the area. Riversdale has been mentioned as an up and coming hot spot in magazines like Chatelaine, Air Canada’s En Route, and a popular Chinese-Canadian publication.

Leasing space in the area costs half of downtown prices, and the vacancy rate is 14 per cent. Twenty years ago, half of the buildings stood empty.

Over an acre of land next to the Farmer’s Market has just been sold to a British Columbian developer, and according to Riversdale Bid, the sale showed how the neighbourhood is an attractive place for relocating businesses.

“I’m absolutely excited and I really haven’t come down off the high of parcel A selling because that was the major log jam that we had. Now it’s been sold and the trickle-down effect is just going to start to happen now,” said Randy Pshebylo from Riverside Bid.

Pshebylo said this is the first time he can remember having interested investors waiting in the wings.