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RiseAir plane diverted to Saskatoon over flat tire scare


Saskatchewan-based airline RiseAir confirms one of its planes was the subject of a diversion to the Saskatoon Airport Thursday after crews suspected a possible flat tire.

An airport spokesperson confirms that around 1:30 p.m. Thursday staff were alerted to an inbound aircraft with a potential flat tire.

RiseAir said the flight crew suspected a tire may have deflated shortly after takeoff in Prince Albert.

Ground crews in Prince Albert were not able to see a deflated tire, but the decision was made to divert the flight to Saskatoon as a precaution, in line with safety protocols and standard operating procedures.

“The suspected deflation did not affect the flying of the aircraft and the passengers on board were briefed on the reason for the diversion to Saskatoon,” a release from RiseAir said.

The aircraft landed safely in Saskatoon around an hour after takeoff. Everyone on board was able to safely de-plane. Both tires were found to be fully inflated upon landing.

RiseAir said a safety report will be submitted and a full inspection of the aircraft will be undertaken. Top Stories

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