SASKATOON -- Now that the Fringe Festival has kicked off, artists are thrilled to be back on the stage and the streets after more than a year of uncertainty and cancelled shows.

Gerald Williams is no stranger to Fringe Festivals around the country, but this is his first time in Saskatoon.

He said getting the call that the show will go on was exciting after all that went on in 2020.

“I decided not to go to any because there weren’t any. In 2019 I did nine Fringes in one summer,” Williams said.

Williams said he is excited to put on his show “How I Murdered my Mother.”

“According to the Fringe rumour network, this is the best Fringe in western Canada. I’m not saying the others are bad, the others are great, but I’ve heard Saskatoon is the best place to be for a Fringe,” Williams told CTV News.

Williams said the festival falling so close to provincial restrictions being lifted is a sign of good things to come.

“This wakes up society. It’s like the bird in the coal mine, but this is an indicator of a really good thing happening. This is like the buds of spring coming back to join us,” Williams said.

The festival looks a little different this year, but Williams said he still excited to finally get back up on stage and do what he does best.

Yulissa Campos, playwright of “The Newcomer,” said she had a mix of emotions leading up to festival.

“Grateful, happy, excited. As an artists, this was a really hard year,” Campos said.

Campos said there was still uncertainty in the months leading up to the event, but after everything people have been through during the pandemic, she thinks this is just the thing to start getting back to normal.

“I think people are so ready to be out. We have been in lockdown and just hiding at home. People are like ‘you know what? It’s time to get out,’” Campos said.

“I’m sure the people will enjoy this. It’s nice to be outside, it’s beautiful weather. Enjoy live theatre, I think it’s time. People are ready for this.”