Erica Assoon is having to get creative when it comes to cooking and washing up because her home only has enough power to keep the furnace on.

After being laid off at her work, Assoon says she fell behind on her SaskPower bill and as a result the company is restricting her power usage.

The practice is called “load limiting.” SaskPower can install a device that reduces the amount of power a customer can use at one time but allowing the furnace to run.

SaskPower spokesman Jordan Jackle says load limiting helps customers get caught up on their bills by cutting down any new charges that would be added to their outstanding bill.

Since the limiter was installed, Assoon hasn’t had access to running water as she uses a well with an electric pump. Assoon says she is working to pay her bill and says SaskPower should reconsider the load limiter policy when it comes to isolated, rural customers like herself.

“More compassion to their people,” Assoon told CTV News. “Find out about them. Talk to them.”

Jackle says load limiting is a last resort before completely disconnecting power, which the company won’t do between November and March because of the frigid temperatures.

“This is something we take very seriously,” Jackle says.

Assoon says she hopes SaskPower will re-evaluate their policies and work with their customers to come up with a solution that will take unique circumstances into account.