Una Pizza and Wine has issued an apology after writing a controversial message on their sidewalk sign Wednesday.

The sign said “do you like beer like Brett Kavanaugh” with an arrow pointing to the restaurants entrance.

Brett Kavanaugh, who was recently appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, was the centre of controversy last week after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman more than 30 years ago after drinking too much.

The sign was removed later that day after someone posted a picture of the sign on social media calling it “tasteless.”

The restaurant issued an apology on Facebook saying the sign does not reflect its business values and is “deeply apologetic.”

“Our organization only wants to be helpful and bring a smile to people’s faces,” Brad Hamm, the co-owner of Una Pizza and Wine, told CTV News.

“We don’t want to have hurtful words. We’re really sorry that message got out there.”

Hamm said while the employee who wrote the sign has taken full responsibility, he said the sign should have been reviewed before being placed outside.

He said the employee, who will remain anonymous, meant to make light of the situation like how Saturday Night Live did about Kavanaugh.

“You need a lot of context to get away with that kind of humour. On a sandwich board on a sidewalk, there’s not a place for that,” he said.

Hamm said he is now in the process of setting up a sensitivity training for its staff with Saskatoon’s Sexual Assault and Information Centre.

“The problem isn’t so much the beer, it’s the fact that when he had a few beers there was an allegation of sexual assault,” said David Williams, an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Edwards School of Business.