The City of Saskatoon is warning residents to be prepared for more water main breaks due to the extreme cold.

Cold and fluctuating temperatures, along with less-than-average snow cover, are pushing frost deep enough to affect water a sewer services, according to Russ Munro, the director of waste and water stream for the city.

“With the frost heaving and the earth moving, Mother Nature always wins,” said Munro. “It doesn't matter the age of the infrastructure. It can break water mains. It can freeze water connections.”

The city will use water trailers and bottled water to supply residents who temporarily lose access, Munro told reporters.

Saskatoon has an average of 250 water main breaks a year, according to the city. This year has seen slightly more breaks than last year.

Home owners are also asked to ensure pipes on their properties are not exposed to the cold. Residents can bury outdoor pipes in snow to add insulation, Munro said.

City crews aim to restore water services within 48 hours of a break.